Carol Press Scarves

Now it’s time to meet the talented member of the family:

Bill’s wife Carol.

Carol is an accomplished, award-winning weaver. In her sun-filled studio behind their Washington home, she designs and weaves gorgeous rayon-chenille and bamboo scarves. She makes them in many bright, attractive colors. They are soft and warm. They are perfect for both women and men. They not only provide ideal protection and comfort against freezing winter temperatures, they are beautiful additions to anybody’s wardrobe.

In fact, you have probably seen one of her scarves on television or in newspaper photos without realizing it. On cold Washington days, they are worn warmly and proudly by many members of the media, by Broadway stars, by several members of Congress and the Senate and by at least one former president. Guess which one!

Carol sells her scarves out of her home studio, and at some of the country’s finest clothing specialty stores, like

  • The Flying Shuttle, in Seattle’s Pioneer Square
  • Changes, in Portland, OR

The chenille scarves sell for $120 and the bamboo for $160 plus priority mail shipping. The bamboo are lighter weight and come with a twisted fringe. The scarves all measure about 12″ by 72″ excluding fringe.

SHIPPING IS FOR US ONLY.  For more information or to place an international order, email Carol!

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