It’s too early to write the history of the Obama administration. But, at this point, it looks like, for the most part, that history may be summed up in three words: coulda, woulda, shoulda. I “coulda” signed an immigration bill, but Congress was too busy shutting down the government.... Read more
There are as many different opinions as there are men and women on the planet. Still, it’s hard to believe what some people believe. There are those who still believe that we never landed a man on the moon, that George Bush personally ordered planes to fly into the... Read more
As luck would have it, I had two interesting experiences last week: visiting my granddaughter’s kindergarten class; and watching Republicans in the House of Representatives deal with their constitutional responsibility to pass a budget. The two events were quite similar, with one big difference: the kindergartners behaved more like... Read more
With big governments, or big institutions, change occurs very slowly. You know what they say: It’s like a battleship. It takes a long time to turn that baby around. Yes, that’s normally the case. But not anymore for the Catholic Church. With lightning speed, by both his personality and... Read more
There were two great speeches at the 2004 Democratic Convention — and, in a way, they complemented each other. The first, by a young state senator from Illinois, rejected the notion that America is hopelessly divided politically into blue states and red states: “There is not a liberal America... Read more
It was one of the biggest surprises pulled off by any president. The entire nation tuned in on Saturday afternoon, August 31, to hear President Obama detail his plans to bomb Syria in retaliation for Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons. Instead, we heard the president announce that while... Read more
To bomb, or not to bomb Syria? That is the question of the day. And there’s no easy answer. Let’s start with the givens. We know the deployment of chemical weapons is not just a “red line” drawn by President Obama. Their use has been universally condemned, especially since... Read more
How you greeted the news that the Graham family had sold the legendary Washington Post probably depended on the first thing you do every morning, after you brush your teeth. If you turn on your computer and click to the day’s news, you didn’t even think about it. If... Read more
When is a scandal not a scandal? Here’s a good rule: Whenever Fox News and Rep. Darrell Issa say it IS a scandal, you can be pretty sure it’s NOT one. Take the so-called IRS scandal. For weeks, starting in May, Fox fanned the flames. Based on what we... Read more
Most of us were not surprised by the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. But millions of us were nonetheless disappointed and ashamed for the world to see that in this great country, in the 21st century, it’s still possible for a white man to shoot and kill an... Read more
One thing for sure about American politics: We are quick to condemn. Just ask Bill Clinton, David Vitter, Mark Sanford and Anthony Weiner. But we are also quick to forgive. Just ask Bill Clinton, David Vitter, Mark Sanford and Anthony Weiner. Politically speaking, we are, indeed, the “Land of... Read more
Every Fourth of July, somebody reminds us there’s more to this national holiday than hotdogs and fireworks. Take time over the weekend, we are piously admonished, to remember what it’s all about. Annoying advice, perhaps, but important. And, this year, more so than ever because one of our most... Read more
Profound political change never happens overnight. The epic struggles for civil rights, voting rights, women’s suffrage and workers’ rights all took decades to achieve success and, at many levels, are still going on. But no political movement has ever sped to victory as fast as the fight for marriage... Read more